Andrea Corongiu

Written on 02/09/2020
Cristiano Porqueddu

Andrea Corongiu, a musician focused on original repertoire for solo guitar, obtained a degree from the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Rafael Orozco" in Córdoba, Spain, where he studied in the class of Javier Riba. He attended the KASK Conservatorium of Ghent, in Belgium with Jhoann Fostier, participating in the Erasmus Program.

He attended lectures, master classes and courses of guitar interpretation with Luigi Attademo, Angelo Gilardino and Rafael Aguirre, as well as composition courses with Francisco Quintero, Luis Moreno and others. At present, he is attending the Musicare Guitar Courses with Cristiano Porqueddu. As a soloist he performed both original repertoire and monographic literature for solo guitar in several festivals and halls, in Italy, Spain and Belgium. He currently cooperates with specialistic magazine Quinte Parallele.

The Rafael Orozco Conservatoire of Cordoba gave him a mention of honor for his distinguished results in the course of Interpretation of classical guitar with a repertoire of twentieth-century composers, where he obtained the highest score.He won several competitions among which the Mediterraneo International Competition (first price), the Lucia Iurleo International Competition (first price), the 25th Giulio Rospigliosi International Competition (second price), Mirabello in musica Competition (first price) and the 29th Young Musicians International Competition Città di Barletta (first price). Andrea currently lives in Italy where is also teaches and holds courses. He plays on a copy of a Santos Hernández 1924, made by John Ray (2018).